Blue Skies Ahead

We are all broken in one way or another. The only difference is some of us are aware that there are areas of thinking in need of change. Blue Skies is for those who recognize that broken thinking and emotions have effected their lives in some way, or that their broken lives have had an effect on their thinking and emotions. ┬áSure, we can all put on a front, but there is so much joy in actually thinking well and experiencing life differently. So much of our thought life is shrouded in dark layers of clouds (such as insecurity and discouragement) and we don’t realize there are

path sky

vast blue skies awaiting our minds right behind them. Blue Skies shines the light on a spiritual path that invites us to explore new ways of thinking. Of course, it requires hard work to change patterns of thinking, but its well worth the effort in refreshment and life to the mind. Thomas Treherne puts it well when he says, “As nothing is more easy than to think, so nothing is more difficult than to think well.”

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